Gallium Arsenide MBE Lab

IMG_2580_webIMG_2583_webIMG_2587_webimg5331 (2)System-Images-012_webIMG_5325_webIMG_2584_web (1)IMG_2739_web IMG_2585_web IMG_2581_web img5376s (1) The Manfra GaAs MBE lab focuses on growth and characterization of ultra-high mobility two-dimensional electron systems (2DESs) and two-dimensional hole systems (2DHSs) in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures and quantum wells.  The extremely low impurity levels in these devices allow for sensitive experiments in a wide range of many-body quantum mechanical systems.  Beyond fundamental physics research, these devices are also theorized to be useful for future applications such as fault-tolerant quantum computing implementations.

The primary tool in the lab is a dedicated high mobility Veeco Gen II MBE customized to improve overall vacuum quality and resulting crystal purity.  Routine electrical transport characterizations are performed at 4K in liquid helium and at 300mK in a He3 cryostat which allows for rapid feedback on crystal quality.img5345sc (1)