Gallium Nitride MBE Lab

DSC_0566DSC_0590DSC_0577DSC_0597DSC_0548DSC_0551DSC_0555DSC_0565IMG_5287_web (1) IMG_5294_web IMG_5296_web IMG_5300 IMG_5303 IMG_5305img5285n (1) Nanowires-2 img5299o (1)The gallium nitride (GaN) MBE machine in the Birck laboratory is a Riber 3200 machine brought to Purdue by Professor Manfra from Bell Labs. The machine includes a load lock, a sample heating chamber, and a main growth chamber.  In the main growth chamber the system is configured with two gallium sources, one aluminum source, a nitrogen plasma source, as well as sources for silicon, carbon and indium. It is equipped with a reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) gun for measuring sample layer growth rates as well as a Stanford Labs residual gas analyzer (RGA) for analyzing gaseous contaminant levels in the MBE chambers. Finally, attached to the machine are two CT8 cryopumps and one CT10 cryopump, two ion pumps and a titanium sublimation pump.

Project include the growth and characterization of AlGaN/GaN and AlInN/GaN heterostructures both on polar and non-polar GaN substrate for intersubband device applications.