Multiple positions available

Exciting new job opportunities to join Microsoft’s Topological Quantum Computing Team at Microsoft Quantum Purdue. We are searching for epitaxy, processing, and cryogenic measurement engineers and postdoctoral researchers.

At Microsoft Quantum Purdue we are actively searching for a postdoctoral researcher to contribute to MBE growth of high spin-orbit coupled (SOC) arsenide/antimonide semiconductors epitaxially coupled to superconductors and magnetic insulators. These hybrid materials are believed to support Majorana fermions and offer a path to decoherence-free topological quantum computation. At Purdue we have constructed a new, custom-designed MBE system with in-situ superconductor deposition capabilities and have a full complement of device fabrication and low temperature measurement capabilities. A postdoc joining this effort will have an exciting opportunity to contribute to a dynamic new field of research and to collaborate with leading researchers from around the world. A strong background in MBE growth is required and experience with semiconductor device fabrication and electrical characterization is also desirable.

Post-doc positions available in:

  • MBE Growth
  • Device Fabrication
  • Low Temperature Transport Characterization (job description here)

Contracted engineer positions available in:

  • Low Temperature Transport Characterization (job description for Quantum Engineer position here)