Nanofabrication Engineer

PhD, Purdue University of West Lafayette, Indiana, School of Physics
MS, Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, School of Physics
BS, Egerton University of Kenya, School of Mathematics and Physics
Office: Birck 2072

Noah joined Professor Manfra’s group as a Microsoft Quantum West Lafayette vender in November of 2021. Prior to joining the group, he participated in post doctorial research at Purdue University. Under Prof. Bhave in Oxide MEMS Lab, Noah engineered RF MEMS resonators and their interactions with electronic quantum defect spins in diamond (NV-centers) and 4H- SiC. Under Prof. Morisette’s WideBand Group, Noah researched High-power Trigate MOSFETs in 4H- SiC. As part of Microsoft Quantum Purdue, he is researching and developing the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures based on III-V semiconductors and superconductors for topological quantum computing.