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Freezing electron makes them get in line.

November, 2017 New research published in Nature Communications suggests that electrons in a two-dimensional gas can undergo a semi-ordered (nematic) to mostly-ordered (smectic) phase transition. [Purdue Today's Article]

Semiconductor-Superconductor MBE Lab

A new deposition system has been developed and installed that combines MBE growth of high spin-orbit coupling III-V semiconductors, such as InAs or InSb, with superconducting metals, such as Al and Nb, to engineer hybrid materials capable of hosting Majorana fermions. This chamber was installed in 2016, and was producing record breaking material within its first four months of operation.

Probing integer and fractional quantum Hall states in electronic interferometers

The fractional quantum Hall states are predicted to host exotic quasiparticles carrying fractional charge and obeying anyonic braiding statistics. It has been proposed that these properties may be observed through interference experiments. Our efforts focus on fabricating electronic Fabry-Perot interferometers on ultra-high quality GaAs wafers in order to probe fractional charge and statistics. Devices are measured at […]