Lab Alumni

Dr. Anthony Hatke
Now works at HRL

Charlie Guinn
Now PhD student at Princeton

Dr. Mohammad Ali Shirazi
Sr. Engineer, Semiconductor Lasers Lumentum Inc

Dr. Qi Qian
Now a Post-doc at UCLA

Michael Yannell
Now works for Oxford Instruments

Dr. Jiayi Shao
Now Program Manager at Amethyst Research Inc.

Dr. John Watson
PhD 2015, Department of Physics
He is now a research scientist with Microsoft Quantum

Shu-han Hsu
MS 2014, School of Materials Engineering
Now in a PhD program at Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Sumit Mondal
PhD 2014, Department of Physics
Now works at Intel Inc.

Dr. Liang Tang
PhD 2013, Department of Physics

Nicole Pfiester Latham
BS 2012, Department of Physics
Now PhD student at Tufts University

Adrian Merritt
BS 2011, Department of Physics
Now PhD student at University of Colorado