Anyonic braiding research obtains global recognition from the Falling Walls Foundation

July 2021
Prof. Michael Manfra selected as a finalist and honoree of the Falling Walls Foundation in the Physical Sciences because of techniques and measurements leading to the direct observation of anyonic braiding statistics developed by his Prof. Manfra’s team including the extraordinary work of postdoctoral researcher, Dr. James Nakamura.

[Purdue University News Article - July 28, 2021]

Direct observation of anyonic braiding statistics | Fig. 2 - Conductance oscillations versus magnetic field and side gate

Manfra Group wishes Matthew Schulz all the best on his Ph.D. studies at Princeton University

May 2021
Manfra Group says goodbye to Matthew Schulz as he begins his Ph.D. studies in Physics at Princeton University.

Manfra Group article, chosen as an Editor's Pick

October 2020
The Manfra Group's article, "Reduction of charge noise in shallow GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures with insulated gates", was chosen as an editor's pick in Applied Physics Letters, Volume 177, Issue 13. [Applied Physics Letters' Editor's Picks]

Manfra Group's Nature Physics cover, subject of Purdue press release

September 2020
A Purdue University press release recognized the Manfra Group's experimental evidence of anyons, which was also featured on the cover of Nature Physics, Volume 16 Issue 9. [Article from Purdue University News]

Manfra Group says goodbye to Dr. Alexander Senichev

August 2020
Manfra Group says goodbye to Dr. Alexander Senichev as he moves on to work with Prof. Shalaev in Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering developing new materials for quantum photonic devices.