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20 Top Universities for Quantum Computing Research

May 21, 2024 The Quantum Insider has named Purdue University in the 20 Top Universities For Quantum Computing Research! The article specifically recognizes Prof. Michael Manfra and the research he drives as a leader in quantum materials and devices.

Congratulations to Teng Zhang for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis

April 02, 2024 Our warmest congratulations to Teng Zhang!  Your dedication and hard work shone through during your successful defense of “Investigation on the two-dimensional electron gas InAs quantum wells coupled to epitaxial aluminum for exploration of topological superconductivity." We look forward to your future contributions to the scientific community.  

Congratulations to Sara Metti for her publication in the Physics Review B

December 11, 2023 The Manfra group congratulates Sara Metti on her recent publication! Electronic g factor and tunable spin-orbit coupling in a gate-defined InSbAs quantum dot S. Metti, C. Thomas, and M. J. Manfra Physics Review B (2023) doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.108.235306 [PDF]   FIG. 1. b. (left) Model of the device design with dual layer gates insulated with […]

Congratulations to Sara Metti for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis

November 15, 2023 We are thrilled to announce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sara Metti on the successful defense of her thesis! Sara's dedication, hard work, and intellectual prowess have truly shone throughout her academic journey, and her defense marks a significant milestone in her scholarly endeavors.  

Purdue News // Purdue physicists develop experimental techniques to expose various flavors of anyons

October 23, 2023 Check out Purdue News article, Purdue physicists develop experimental techniques to expose various flavors of anyons, which focuses on the Manfra group's most recent Physical Review X publication (10.1103/PhysRevX.13.041012). 10.1103/PhysRevX.13.041012 FIG. 1. (a) False-color SEM image of an interferometer with the same dimensions as the device used in our experiment. Red lines […]

Manfra Group researchers imaged in New York Times article

August 6, 2023 Manfra group researchers imaged in New York Times article, Indiana Tests if the Heartland Can Transform Into a Chip Hub. Read about Indiana's and Purdue University's expansion into the chip research and development industry.